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[Fxgear Share] BurghRecords – Cinematic Impact Sound Effects – Free Download

 BurghRecords – Cinematic Impact Sound Effects Download BurghRecords – Cinematic Impact Sound Effects Burgh Records this time gives you the “Cinematic Impact Sound Effects” project that is an interesting, fascinating collection of futuristic sound effects specially created for cinema scoring and electronic music. This awesome library includes a collection of different cool sound effects, containingContinue reading “[Fxgear Share] BurghRecords – Cinematic Impact Sound Effects – Free Download”

[Fxgear Share] Gravity Rope v0.9a – Free Download

  Gravity Rope v0.9a Download Blender Market – Gravity Rope v0.9a Gravity Rope is a simulation tool made for artist and motion designer. It’s a user-friendly add-on which allow you to create ropes and to simulate different materials easily. Gravity Rope is a add-on with several modes, several materials presets and infinite creative possibilities. ThisContinue reading “[Fxgear Share] Gravity Rope v0.9a – Free Download”

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